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Many of the world's most successful companies ― Apple, Disney, Google ― are not simply profit-driven, but purpose-driven. They let the reason for which they were created drive what they do every day. But what about us ― how do we define our purpose, the why behind the work we do? How can we find the inspiration to pursue more than just a paycheck and ultimately fulfill our authentic life's work?

In The Purpose Path, award-winning management expert and megachurch pastor Dr. Nicholas Pearce invites readers to courageously embark upon the journey of aligning their daily work with their life's work. This one-of-its-kind guidebook is for anyone ― at any level, age, or professional stage ― seeking to have more than just a job or career, but a meaningful calling.

Drawing upon his years of experience as a global executive adviser, business school professor, and pastor, Pearce shows how people in a variety of fields have asked and answered these five questions as they launch, grow, or even completely change their careers. Inspiring, thought-provoking, and practical, The Purpose Path is an essential read for anyone longing to connect their soul with their role.


Rarely is a book both timely and timeless. It is well-written, superbly illustrated, and worth every penny!
— Dr. Charlie Dates
For anyone who wants to discover why they were placed on this earth, this book will be required reading.
— Harry M. Kraemer, Jr.
Filled with practical help and inspiration, this is the sort of book you will highlight often and pass along to your friends.
— Dr. Dan Meyer
Applying the practical wisdom found in this book will align you with your purpose and draw you closer to your creator.
— Shundrawn A. Thomas
Step into Dr. Nicholas Pearce’s rich reflection and receive the assurance and hope that we need and will find.
— Dr. Mark Labberton
This book will be a helpful resource for those asking the fundamental questions of life, identity, meaning and purpose with the aim of thriving.
— Dr. Ed Stetzer


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